First Steps

If you want to now take it to the next level, what you need to do is to click on one of the many options and choices to join us throughout the site. Take advantage of this once in a lifetime offer. Once you have paid, we swing into action on your behalf and will advise you where to book your flights and how to get comprehensive specialised “travel for treatment” Insurance.

Part of the deals we offer is that the flights that we source for you using our extensive knowledge of the flight industry is the one that we deduct from your total package price. ( Because of the cost of everything increasing we have observed that air fares are rising too. (August 2022.) To maintain the prices of our deals we have had to put a ceiling on the amount deductible from the total cost of your deal at £500.00 which used to be more than enough to cover most economy return flights. Alas, fares may even rise more so our advice is to book as soon as you are able to in order to take full advantage of our current prices).

If you decide to upgrade or choose a different airline then the price difference between what we source and what you depart on is your responsibility. Of course, we will endeavour to find not only the most economical but the most convenient and comfortable flight for you.

We will organise your itinerary and send you links for Visa requirements and Covid restrictions. You will be sent information and loads of interesting facts about where you are about to experience and timetables about treatments, free time and what to expect.

Of course, the same as any savvy person, Google is an informative source of all necessary info.