The Deals

The current cost of 1 dental implant is around £2500.00 in the UK and about  £1500.00 in Turkey and Eastern Europe, complete!

We believe that the public are being exploited beyond belief involving the costs of any dental treatment here in the UK whether private or on the NHS.

Our deal is that for less than the price of 1 dental implant here in the UK currently around £2500.00 or in Eastern Europe, around £12-1500.00, we can offer you a choice of package deals, a 2 week holiday of a lifetime in Exotic India, fully inclusive of comprehensive advice and help to book the cheapest flights and insurance. ( The cost of our recommended flight is deducted from your package price.) Transfers from airport to Pondicherry, Hotel for 14 days en-suite double room and a 50,000 or 100,000rs Dental voucher worth the equivalent upwards of £2500.00, that being the cost of the same implant as in the UK, economical or Nobel Biocare.

Our Hotels

How much does a smile makeover cost?

Package 1. Budget Smile Makeover 

Our phenomenal Package 1 offers a Bollywoodsmilz Smile Makeover with an included 50,000rs dental voucher for any of the treatments listed on the price comparison page.

The cost of flights (Economy return from London Heathrow to Chennai India.)

Part of the deals we offer is that the flights that we source for you using our extensive knowledge of the flight industry is the one that we deduct from your total package price. If you decide to upgrade or choose a different airline then the price difference between what we source and what you depart on is your responsibility. Of course, we will endeavour to find not only the most economical but the most convenient and comfortable flight for you.

Guidance on “Travel for Treatment” insurance. (Because of variable in insurance needs such as past health issues or age restrictions we can no longer include this cost within our deals.

These, you, under our expert guidance, book and pay online yourself. This breaks up the payments into stages.

1. £99.00 deposit/ membership registration fee

2.You pay online for flights. Approx £500.00

3. On arrival in Pondicherry please be prepared to pay 50% of the remaining balance to the Bollywoodsmilz Representative at the Hotel check-in  £700.00 or £1200.00 depending on which deal you have chosen, which will give you your applicable dental voucher and access to the Dentist for your Smile Makeover. You also have the services of a Bollywoodsmilz representative throughout your stay.

4. Upon completion of dental work,  then the final balance payment of £700.00  which brings the total package price to £1999.00 and is required to settle your account.

This includes your hotel, transfers, and Dentist fees.

£1999.00 Approx. mockup and breakdown of where your money goes.

You pay online.

Flight £500.00

Optional Insurance. (Approx. £150.00)

We highly recommend taking out adequate insurance but ultimately, at the moment it is not a legal requirement, so your choice? As explained, we can no longer include insurance in the deals but we know the best insurance company to go to for specialised Travel for Treatment” cover and we provide a link in the “Departure Lounge” for you to connect with them and get an online quote.

Balance of approx £1499.00 minus £99.00 refundable deposit.

£1400.00 to pay in India which gives you transfers, hotel, and dental voucher of 50,000rs exchangeable against the prices on our price comparison page, for example, 50,000rs will buy you 2 or 3 crowns or veneers. Teeth whitening and scaling and polish. All Smile Makeovers receive a free overall check and fix such as fillings, chips, and decay to give you your super white Bollywoodsmile! which coupled with your glorious tan from the 10 month season of temperatures around 30 degrees, perfect! Compare how much the same would cost you in the UK and Europe, around £2,500.00 in London for 3 crowns or Veneers so your voucher is the equivalent of that and don’t forget, you are getting 14 days in the hotel of your choice and Transfers from Chennai to Pondicherry and back, all within your total price of £1999.00 or £2999.00

14 days at the Hotel of your choice.

Supplements for extra Dental work over and above the value of the voucher.

50,000rs or 100,000rs Dental Voucher redeemable against the astonishing Bollywoodsmilz prices listed on the Price Comparison page.

Hotel Corbelli deal £1999.00  minus cost of flights and membership registration fee/deposit £599.00 approx.

£1400.00 balance to pay in India. Two payments of £700.00 one on arrival at the Hotel then the final payment to settle your account after you have finished your dental treatments.

Hotel Mango Hill deal £2999.00 minus cost of flights and membership registration fee/deposit £599.00 approx.

£2400.00 balance to pay in India. Two payments of £1200.00 one on arrival at your Hotel then the final payment to settle your account directly after your dental work is completed.