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These are real-life examples of prices in the UK and Turkey compared to the fantastic prices that only “Bollywoodsmilz” can arrange and provide.

Scroll down to see our unbelievable prices and remember, you are still having the holiday of a lifetime in Peaceful Pondicherry all the while …..

“Bollywood Smiles! Bollywoodsmilz!


A smile makeover is the ultimate cosmetic treatment. It combines different cosmetic treatments to create a smile of perfection, and is something many a well-known celebrity has taken advantage of in the past. Research has shown that an attractive smile often goes hand in hand with a successful personal and professional life, and with a smile makeover you can achieve the smile you have always wanted in a short space of time.

At Bollywood you can choose what treatments to have as part of your smile makeover. We offer a vast range of dental and cosmetic treatments and will discuss each one with you so as to make sure your decision is an informed one. Whatever your problem – crooked teeth, discolouration, missing teeth – there is sure to be a smile makeover treatment that can help you.

Our Fantastic Prices @Bollywood Smilz!!!

We at Bollywoodsmilz practice a holistic approach to our treatments and our charges include all preparatory work necessary to arrive at your finished results,  just one complete holistic price. eg: If you need prep work to facilitate veneers or a crown then the price you see includes that so your bill does not increase with every other treatment required to fulfil the end result.

TreatmentsUK Prices (£) fromEuropean Prices (£) fromAPPROXBollywoodsmilz Prices (£)
Bollywood Voucher Value (rs)
All-on-4® treatment concept per jaw10,000 - 12,0006,000 - 8,0003,000 - 5,000 Both jaws300,000 - 500,000
Crowns1000 - 1,200250 - 350150 - 20010,000 - 15,000
White Fillings15050 - 6030 - 403,000 - 4,000
Implants + Abutment2,000 - 2,500
Crown extra cost
400 - 600
crown extra cost
500- 650
Complete with crown.
50,000 - 65,000
Veneers1,461250 - 400150 - 20015,000 - 20,000
Dentures per jaw1,400400200 - 25020,000 - 25,000
Root Canal1,000100 - 15055 - 755,500 - 7,500
Zoom Whitening40030012012,000
Sinus lift.600300150 - 20015,000 - 20,000
Sedation500200 - 250100 - 12010,000 - 12,000
Extractions12030 - 9945 - 504,500 - 5,000
Bone Graft1200700200 - 30020,000 - 30,000

rs: Indian Rupee
£: GBP
* Savings are based on the average UK prices in comparison with Bollywood Smilz prices.