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Welcome to Bollywoodsmilz
We are a Dental Facilitation Company based in the UK and India

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“Bringing Cosmetic Dentistry and Implants within financial reach of everyone.”

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“Go the Extra Mile for a Bollywood Smile”

A 50,000rs  or 100,000rs voucher depending on which package you have chosen is included to spend on either 1 implant or in lieu treatments such as veneers or crowns up to the value of the voucher at our special Bollywoodsmilz prices as shown on price comparison. 

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India is a land blessed with the best of natural beauty, architectural wonders, cultural and religious art forms, and in recent years it has also carved a wonderful niche for itself on the world business and medical tourism map.



These are real-life examples of prices in the UK and Eastern Europe compared to the fantastic prices that only “Bollywoodsmilz” can arrange and provide. We offer a vast range of dental and cosmetic treatments.



Things to do in Pondy? Crocodile tours, elephants and tigers, sacred temple tours, fort tours and South India excursions. 10 or more days to relax and enjoy the local hospitality or take a tour or excursion.


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