What is Dental Tourism?

The Indian subcontinent is frequented by visitors from across the globe. India is currently considered as the hot spot for tourists around the world for the top-rated and cost-effective dental and overall medical facilities available in the country.

Amongst all medical treatments, dental implant and other dental treatment therapies are highly sought after by patients throughout the world and as dental treatment in India is cheaper than the dental solutions offered at hospitals in the US, UK and Europe, dental tourism has emerged as a major force in Indian Tourism overall.

Visiting a foreign location seeking low-cost dental treatment facilities is termed dental tourism, more specifically dental tourism is a part of the medical tourism sector and it signifies holidaying while taking advantage of comprehensive dental care. Pertaining to dental tourism, it is notable that this phenomenon is facilitated by the cost difference of the dental healthcare system of different countries.

People from the US, UK or other nations where medical treatment is expensive can obtain dental solutions, namely, dental implants, bleaching, gum treatment, porcelain veneers, fixed teeth replacement and various other dental therapies at a fraction of the price charged in their own countries by visiting dental clinics located in Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai or Pondicherry. These Indian states offer state-of-art dental clinics providing almost all types of dental solutions such as child dentistry, gum treatment and surgeries, mobile teeth solutions, crowns and bridges, fitting braces, tooth extraction and many other dental treatments. Alongside providing state-of-the-art dental surgery and top-rated dental therapies, Kerala, Goa, Tamil Nadu and other key areas where dental tourism is flourishing rapidly, also offer the opportunity to enjoy mind-blowing natural and tranquil landscapes as well as mouth-watering delicacies.

It is especially important to note that India has gained worldwide recognition as the topmost dental tourism destination on account of its top-notch infrastructure and high technology that is capable of rivalling the dental healthcare available anywhere else in the world. India is equipped with the best hospitals as well as treatment centres providing the best facilities in the world and further as the dental healthcare system in the country has gained tremendous government support and approval, the dental tourism industry in the country is growing by leaps and bounds.

Therefore, it is practically advantageous to consider visiting the popular dental clinics in India if you are aiming to undergo dental implants or other dental treatments. Moreover, if you are not a member of BUPA or the like then the costly dental treatments available in your home country can be quite unreachable. To enjoy a fun-filled holiday along with getting the right dental treatment, visit India, visit Pondicherry and avail the benefits of booking with Bollywoodsmilz.

The worldwide popularity of Indian dental tourism is made apparent by startling statistics that reveal that around 28 per cent of patients from European countries and 21 per cent of patients from North America have contributed to the growth of dental tourism in India.

Finally, considering the alarming proportion to which dental problems are capable of putting your health at risk and by taking the fact into account that there is a serious relationship between advanced gum disease and stroke, heart disease and bacterial pneumonia, it becomes highly essential for you to obtain dental treatment if you are suffering from a dental ailment.

And for top-rated dental solutions at inexpensive rates, the Indian subcontinent is the ideal destination.

BollywoodSmilz in India offers you the following benefits/services:

  • Cost-effective and tailor-made dental packages.
  • Arrangements made for quality dental treatment in a top-rated dental clinic and hospitals offering special and personalized treatment for International patients.
  • Immediate check-up after arrival at hospitals/clinic.
  • Flights, transfers, hotels and treatment provided.
  • Effective coordination with doctors and hospitals is carried out on your behalf.
  • Local sim cards are available for your phone to inform relatives and friends in your home country about your treatment.

Special arrangements for holidaying after recuperation including tours or alternative therapies.


We give guidance towards the most comprehensive insurance available Medical Travel for treatment Medical Travel Insurance which is a single trip travel insurance policy designed specifically for people travelling abroad to receive Dental Treatment, Cosmetic Surgery or Non-essential(elective) Surgery.
The policy will cover the person travelling to receive the treatment (the “patient”) as well as those travelling with the patient (“companions”) if required.
Cover includes protection against the cost of specified situations that may occur whilst you are on a trip, such as cancellation and curtailment, emergency medical treatment abroad, personal accident and loss of baggage and/or travel documents. There is additional cover for the patient for a further trip back to the same hospital or clinic within 12 months for medically necessary corrective treatment in the event the original treatment was not successful.

Welcome to BollywoodSmilz

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BollywoodSmilz in association with Dr Sri Balaji Dental Clinic hereby certifies that the voucher you receive as part of your package deal entitles the bearer to a smile makeover and treatment to the value of Rs. 50,000 or Rs.100,000 depending on your package choice and is redeemable at the clinic set fees (see price lists on price comparison page) upon presentation at the clinic within any 14 day period.

“BollywoodSmilz” in association with Sri Balaji Dental Clinic can offer fully comprehensive holiday and tour packages combining dental treatments and surgery by eminent Professor Dr A Balatandayoudam MDS. (Known locally as Dr Sri Balaji) A prominent Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon based here in Peaceful Pondicherry, gateway to the South and considered the jewel of the Riviera of the East. and specializing in Cosmetic and implant dentistry. He has an extensive team including, Professor Jodhi Kumar who is an acclaimed Prosthodontist (Implantologist) throughout India and both teach and lecture at Pondicherry University. Our Bollywoodsmilz network is comprehensive and includes other Surgeons, Anaesthetists and nurses so be assured, you are in the best hands which would cost, well, you just won’t get that level of professional expertise anywhere in Europe and UK unless you are prepared to pay Harley Street prices which are for millionaires only!

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He will endeavour to give you as near perfect a smile as he can from the 50,000rs or 100,000rs voucher so that you pay no extras. However, if you want dental implants, then the vouchers cover 1 or 2 implant and any others needed will cost more. the voucher covers 1 implant and any others needed will cost more. In some cases especially full mouth reconstructions you will also need to return for a 2nd visit after 3 months. Mind you, I believe that you will want to come back to this little bit of Paradise even without the dental requirements, I’ve seen so many travellers, myself included, come back again and again. The atmosphere here is magical and lifts your spirit as soon as you arrive. This is to let the jaw bone fuse onto the implant sufficiently enough to last a lifetime, however as technology advances, it is now possible to have “Teeth in one day” applications that involve placing the implants at an angle to gain broader traction and hold in the jaw so that the fusion between titanium and bone is still capable of holding the crowns immediately so you truly can come for two weeks and go home with that Bollywood smile and more importantly, a healthy and vibrant mouth.

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