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Hi. My name is David H. Campbell and I am the founder of the famous  BollywoodSmilz.

The origins and inspiration behind the concept of “Bollywood smilz” is a long story but I will endeavour to recount it in summary here.

I am an Entrepreneur with a background in Hospitality, Hotel management, relief management,customer service and healthcare. I have also travelled the world and experienced many cultures and climates.

I discovered Pondicherry by accident on one of my excursions to India, it is not generally known to the British, it being a French Union Territory on the south east coast, the Riviera of India on the Bay of Bengal. Most British who holiday in India go to Goa or Kerala on the West coast.

During one sojourn in “Pondy” as it is affectionately known locally, I had the misfortune to break two of my teeth biting on a toffee bar,(There was me thinking I was still a boy with a yummy treat. ha-ha. So….I was forced to urgently find a dentist to fix my problem.

You cannot imagine my relief when I found Dr. Sri Balaji. He was smiling, very courteous and extremely efficient and proficient, but the best part, besides absolutely no pain or discomfort during my treatment, was the PRICE!

One option I considered when I broke my teeth was to fly back to the UK and face a bill of a couple of thousand pounds if not more! So I got to thinking about providing a service that could offer the British public and beyond, fed up with being charged astronomical fees by dentists in the UK and even Europe, the opportunity to experience a holiday of a lifetime and return home with a Bollywood smile, all for the price of 1 implant in the UK.

Over the years, I have stayed in Pondicherry, yes I kept coming back, I have been involved in various projects, schemes, and abodes mostly as a means of trying to stay here at least for a part of each year and at that particular time I was renting a house converted into two apartments which I was looking at trying to convert into a guest house for westerners. My idea was a sort of Eco Villa type of appeal. Sadly that didn’t materialize due to restrictive rules but then due to what I am about to disclose, the concept of “villa smile” came up, a serviced apartment agency for a dental tourism clientele. But due to the same restrictions that stopped EcoVilla, the idea of personally providing accommodation became too bureaucratic and rule laden so “Bollywood Smiles was conceived whereas we act as a guide and agent as one who has walked the talk, facilitators who will smooth the way to an extremely happy ending for everyone, We hope!

At the moment, India and Bollywood are being hugely promoted in the UK and with the exchange rates between the pound and euro making European holidays impossibly expensive so people are now looking at India as an alternative holiday destination and take my word, you will be filled with awe, wonder and excitement.

Up until now most people who have looked at India and indeed have made it their holiday destination have usually gone to Goa or Kerala which to be honest has gained a reputation as a hippy filled drug, sex and dangerous place to be. Pondicherry is the very antithesis to Goa, being focussed on yoga and spirituality mostly with Sri Aurobindo’s ashram and Auroville on the doorstep.

With the advent of films like “Slum dog Millionaire and more recently “The best exotic marigold hotel” both based in India have opened up the rest of India so come and try a very different experience in……….

                       Priceless; Peaceful; Pukka; Perfect; Pondicherry

in fact also just recently,the BBC series the real exotic marigold hotel where Duncan Ballantyne and cast actually were based in Pondicherry and have already come back on a personal level not filming.

what we can offer as a Dental Tourism Facilitation Company is for the same price as 1 implant in the UK currently around £2500, a complete package to include Return flights, Comprehensive “Travel for treatment” Insurance, Transfers, Hotel & Complimentary Breakfast, and treatment.

Yes! Our deal is the best offer online and we only recommend personally tried and tested services and provision.

Okay, so there you have it, the inspiration behind the concept, the story behind the idea.

Why should us British and most Europeans have to pay through the roof for a healthy mouth and wonderful smile?

The answer is don’t be fooled or exploited by the UK’s dentists, NHS or Private, they are overcharging you!

Get this deal of the century and the best offer online NOW!!

From Only £1999. all inclusive*.

Accompanying partner, companion, friend, or spouse.**Just pay the flight and a small admin charge of £99 then have the holiday of a lifetime whilst being able to support your loved one after their surgery.

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